MOU BOOTS: The Power of Carrying

mou boots for women

A character defining product is what sells in the Market. Creating a niche is all about creating a demand. The fabric defines the clothes and the boots define the Confidence of an individual. Welcome to the land of “Mou Boots”! Just like a good watch defines a moment captured in time, similarly, Mou Boots defines the small steps taken by an individual towards a greater perspective.


There are innumerable companies in the business of covering the feet of billions of people across the Globe. There are affordable shoes, designer shoes, comfort shoes, Luxury shoes and last but not the least, there is MOU BOOTS. These boots have been handcrafted with love, care and innovative designs, which are difficult to capture and replicate.

Replication has always been the bane of all businesses. However, Mou Boots have never bothered as each and every piece have been lovingly crafted as per the requirement of the customer. The word “MOU” comes from the French lexicon meaning soft. The feet is one of the most important parts of a body. It carries an individual all over the Globe. Keeping that in mind, Mou Boots have come up with the softest materials to ensconce one’s feet.


Right from the times when the “Red Indians” and “aboriginals” used to roam around, they used to wear shoes made of “Natural Fibre”. This was in line with their acceptance of “Nature Provides” for all. The same ethos has been inculcated by Mou Boots. All the boots are made of Natural Fibre. There is not a single ounce of material which is not environment-friendly. Each and every piece have been used keeping in mind the fragile ecosystem and the aftermath when a pair of boots is discarded. This thought has led the Industry experts to believe that Mou Boots are boots of the ever-changing fashion Industry.

Mou Boots have ensured that the boots during and after the usage are eco-friendly. The designs which have been introduced are revolutionary and currently trending in the fashion industry. This has become a brand to reckon with. Fashionistas of all age groups irrespective of their preferences in other accessories are preferring to wear Mou Boots.


These Boots are available for Men, Women, and Children. Needless to say, it’s a fashion statement. Different designs complement with different dresses and different occasions. Mou Boots defines the dress to be worn, the “Power of Carrying” oneself.

Mou Boots is available in exclusive shops in the UK and in Italy. However, lovers of these boots can certainly order them online and have them delivered at their door-step. The Company has an Iron Clad policy in place in terms of Quality, Shipping, and Delivery, last but not the least, the Return Policy. Their website is beautifully designed and shows the care in each and every detail.


Mou Boots is the latest thing to trend in Boots as far as the fashion industry is concerned. Its limited availability makes it all the more exclusive and a “must have” product. The unique designs lend a credence to its product line which is emphasized by their demand.