Mou boots are a brand of boots that are produced by a company that goes by the name mou. This company was founded in 2002 by Shelley Tichborne. She founded the company in London along Purtello road. The major thing that triggered Shelley Tichborne to create mou was the desire to create original and luxurious footwear that could sustain the demands of those living in urban areas.


Upon creation, the popularity of mou Eskimo boots grew through word of mouth and even became the choice for major celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz. These boots aim at offering comfort, style, and protection



This is a huge advantage because you get three things in one. It is not often that this happens. Mou ensures that it creates the boots that they produce using the high-quality material. For example, any boot that they produce has it’s sole created using the rubber. In some cases, the rubber is used to create these soles is combined with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. This ensures that the boots are durable. This means that you do not have to wear them once and then have to throw them away.


Cleaning boots always take work. But with mou boots, it is not that much of a hard work. What I mean is that they are very easy to clean. You won’t have to buy detergents that will break your bank account in order to just clean these boots like it often happens with other brands. All you need in order to clean these boots is water and a sponge. These are always readily available in our homes. With these boots, you can use suede after cleaning and after they have dried. What suede does is that it makes them look like you just bought them and also prolongs their life.



Mou boots have invested heavily in producing boots that can be worn by both the male and the female gender. That way, no one time when a person will be interested in boots he or she sees while window shopping (we are guilty of window shopping most of the time) and then when they walk to where the boots are, the reality hits them like a ticking time bomb and they realize that these boots are not for their gender.


Talking about winter and the cold season, with mou boots, you have got yourself well covered. These boots will protect you from the cold weather (we all know how cold this season can get). Mou boots are made in such a way they provide warmth to your feet such that you may even start questioning yourself thinking that winter is already over.


One thing that could be considered as a negative thing in these boots is the fact they are not completely waterproof. But, these boots are water resistant and this makes them ideal for
wearing during the snowy period and during light rain showers. To keep the boots safe, it is advisable that you avoid water puddles and in case you are walking through the snow, dust off the snow instead of letting it melt on your boots.


Mou boots come in a variety of styles. These styles include antelope cowboy boot, calfskin slipper, goatskin nanuk,  Eskimo and blizzard. These are not the only classic styles available, there are more, these are supposed to let you know that mou boots do not have only one style.