Priceless Factors to Look Out for When Choosing the Best Snow Boots

Choosing the right pair of winter boots may seem like no hassle at all. This is not true considering the factors you need to consider when choosing the right one for you. This is because unlike normal boots, Mou boots are used to offer protection from cold temperatures, and enable easy navigation through water and snow during the winter or in cold place like the Arctic. Indeed with a large number of winter boot brands in the market one may finding task settling for just the right one. So, which is the right one for you? In the article below I have detailed some important tips that will enable you to pick the right snow boot that won’t disappoint you.

The material used and construction.

When choosing a Mou boot always check for the material used to construct it. A snow boot can effectively be described as having 3 parts namely the uppers, mid-sole and in-sole and finally the sole, with all having different materials. Most uppers which are the upper part of the boot will be constructed using materials such as suede, leather, nylon, and textile. Mid-soles refer to the layer between the inner and outer soles and will use materials such as compression lining and have faux or sheepskin lining. Finally, the sole of the best snowshoes will be made from a durable, lightweight and waterproof material such as rubber. You should also look out for deep threads in the Mou eskimo sole since this will aid more in providing grip and stability.

Temperature Rating.

Temperature rating refers to the minimum temperature in which a particular boot will keep your feet warm and comfortable. For instance, a boot with a rating of -30 degrees means that they are capable of keeping your feet warm to temperatures as low as -30 degrees. Most snow boots will have temperature rating ranging from -10 degrees to up to -40 degrees and it is up to you to choose one that you deem fit for your environment.

Boot Waterproofing.

Apart from keeping their feet warm, most people would also want to get a pair of waterproof boots for the sole purpose of keeping their feet dry. While waterproof boots are a great option, it is important to know that there are different levels of waterproofing in snow boots; some are semi-waterproof or simply water resistant. This is determined by many factors including materials used and how the boot is constructed. The best boots should be both waterproof and breathable.

Size and Fit.

You should always be careful of the size and fit when choosing a Mou boots. This is because while loose boots will offer great comfort and warmth, they may not be ideal for walking great distances. Tight boots, on the other hand, will generally lead to colder feeling toes and circulation problems. You should always ensure that your toes have enough room to wiggles around. Keep your feet warm and happy by finding a pair of well-fitting snow boots.


Insulation is one of the principle reasons why we go for Mou boots over normal boots and must be put into great consideration when making a purchase. Most snow boots will generally use neoprene or and synthetic fiber insulation which are both warm, comfortable and durable. Insulation combined with a good exterior waterproofing membrane should be the best way to go when choosing a great mou eskimo.

Boot weight.

A final consideration when it comes to choosing the right snow boot for you should definitely be the boot’s weight. While all mou eskimo will be noticeably heavier than a regular pair of running shoes it’s always wise to be sensitive to their weight. Weight might not be a priority to people who spend relatively shorter times in the day in their boots as opposed to those who spend a great deal of time in them. Hiking winter snow boots should also be lightweight since you are sure to travel a longer distance in them.


A pair of good Mou boots is a critical accessory in case you intend to enjoy the coldest season of the year; winter. The above tips on factors to look out for when choosing the best snow boots greatly depend to what kind of activity you intend to accomplish while in your boots. Be it trips to the office, hiking, snowshoeing, or simply getting out shoveling some snow on your drive you need to choose the right shoe for yourself.