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Mou boots is a British brand, born in 2002, has imposed its cheerful and comfortable style and has become today a must-have label. His models are simple and amazing, of a very high quality. To not go unnoticed with style, boots envelop your feet in a natural way. The brand was born from the desire to create very comfortable original shoes, as an antidote to the pressures of modern life. The popularity of the MOU brand has grown rapidly.

Mou, a brand, a remedy

The brand is inspired by Eskimo tribes, borrowed the French term “mou” to qualify its collections. Not for a lack of style but for softness and soft comfort. Shelly Tic borne, the designer, realizes her models by hand thinking of the feet that will wear them and their owners. She simply wants to bring joy with her shoes, considered antidotes to winter sadness. Warm and cozy leathers, natural colors or more amazing, where do these boots come from? , and lightweight insoles and comfortable, these are the strengths of the models. Put on these creations is feeling immediately well-being. The label is synonymous with elegant relaxation. So why deprive yourself?

A large selection of models with each style

MOU boots have a unique look with a non-conformist spirit. These shoes are handcrafted from high quality natural fibers to maximize the beauty of these come in many models to best match the style of each. Made with the finest materials and selected with the utmost care, these warm boots are a delight for the feet and eyes and can be worn with slim-fitting trousers like skirts and tights. From the high boot in gray or black velvet, to the low taupe boot that will make you look like the latest in fashion, you can be sure of finding your happiness!

The English brand is now worn by the biggest stars. For a casual look, natural leather boots are ideal with skinny jeans and an over-sized sweater. Mou eskimo boots can, for their part, be worn with everything. Opt for a skater skirt and opaque tights for a refined schoolgirl style. They can also accompany a long wool skirt for a mountain style. Do not forget the big twisted wool sweater to complete the look. If your outfit is totally black, fall for the golden boots that will light the whole. But be careful, do not overload! The boots should be the only golden point of your look, otherwise beware of the Christmas tree style!

Some essential elements to remember

In order for your shoes to keep their original shine, it is very important to protect them from rain, cold and clean with the appropriate products. Before any cleaning operation, remember to remove the laces, soles and customization accessories on your shoes. Leather should be dry inside and out. A regular maintenance of your shoes is very important, every 15 days would be ideal. I must keep your shoes if possible in boxes or put shoe trees for better performance over time. If your shoes have taken rain, dry them with shoe trees to prevent them from deforming, and then waterproof them.

Some leather stains disgorge (navy blue or red for example). You must put a cotton pad soaked in white vinegar on the insole of your shoes then let dry, then spray a waterproofing inside your shoes to fix the color. When you buy a pair of shoes and the out-sole is leather, you must first let the shoe to work on your foot.

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